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We offer magnificent Caribbean beachfront real estate and villas for sale or rent on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.
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How do I get to Orchid Bay?

Can anyone own land in the D.R., or is it necessary to use other mechanisms?

How protected is my property ownership?

What does it cost to build a home at Orchid Bay?

What is the hurricane risk on the Costa Verde?

How do I maintain my villa when I am not planning to live full time in the Dominican Republic?

What are the income opportunities available through villa ownership in Orchid Bay?

How's the telephone service?

And the water?

What if I only know three words of Spanish (e.g., cerveza, baño, and playa)?


Exquisite places are seldom this easy to reach. You'll find non-stop flights from the U.S., Canada, Germany, Austria, France, the U.K., Switzerland, Spain and Luxembourg (among others) to the international airport at Puerto Plata (code POP), one hour west by scenic coastal highway. Alternatively, you can arrive to Santo Domingo (code SDQ), spend the night in the New World's oldest city, and then cruise cross-country to the beautiful north coast.

Anyone can own land. However, as Dominican inheritance laws can take precedence over your will, it is usually advisable to form a corporation for the land purchase, therefore needing only a transfer of shares to sell the property.

Orchid Bay's titles are clear and secure, hence qualifying for title insurance through the top two US title insurance companies. This coverage is available not just for the cost of the site, but can also include the anticipated costs of construction.

As our temperate tropical climate encourages outdoor living, villas here should be designed partially open to the elements with many verandas, balconies and sun decks. These semi-exposed outdoor rooms cost less to construct and, when built with readily available local materials, can be finished for as little as $60 a square foot.

Glad you asked. A wonderful combination of the landmass of Hispaniola to the south, our east-facing reef-protected location, and the counter-clockwise rotation of hurricanes in the northern hemisphere prevent the occurence of the big winds and damaging waves that affect the rest of the Caribbean. No significant property damage has occurred here since statistics started to be compiled back in the '50s. For example, when Hurricane George devastated not only the Caribbean but the south and east coasts of the Dominican Republic in '97, our trees lost a few leaves and our normally crystalline sea was stirred up for a few days. Not withstanding the foregoing, the villas in Orchid Bay have been constructed in compliance with Florida Wind Shear standards.

At your option, we are available to organize and manage the maintenance and operation of your villa. Such services can include the monitoring of and making payroll for your maids, gardener, chauffer and other staff; managing small repairs; and basically handling whatever situations may arise in your absence. Further info available upon request.

Orchid Bay maintains a fully functional villa rental program to service the extraordinary demand for the high-end vacation rental market. This includes everything from marketing and scheduling the weekly rentals to providing complete concierge service for same (e.g., golfing, mountain biking guides, tri-lingual nannies, haute cuisine chefs, etcetera). Ask for details.

Our telephone service is excellent, and DSL internet service (Flash) is available. Orchid Bay has arranged for up to two lines to each property, which is the equivalent of three lines as the phone and internet may be used simultaneously. Our main telecom provider is GTE/Verizon, followed by France Telecom (Orange). Both provide cell service, and broadband service is imminent.

Unlike most tropical countries, where you can't brush your teeth with the water, or eat a salad, here it's not a problem. Orchid Bay is connected to the national water supply and, with our own deep wells on site, can function independently as well. For drinking purposes purified water is readily available, and at 19 cents a gallon, you can drink as much as you want.

That's actually all you need in this country. The locals are patient and friendly and the sign language is most amusing. Plus, all the kids are studying English and will be lining up to practice on you. For anything else, our multi-lingual office staff is at your disposal.



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