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Much has been written about the Dominican Republic since Columbus, in 1492, first sighted and stepped onto the shores of the of what he considered to be 'the most beautiful island in the Caribbean'. His imagination was captured by the gentle nature of the people, the bounty provided by the land, as well as the diversity of natures' blessings bestowed upon this country.
Here on the northern Costa Verde region ( Green Coast ), where the lush vegatation with its thousand shades of green meets the sapphire ocean, the pace of living is leisurely and exotic. The people are uncommonly warm, and you will quickly note that the most tentative wave on your part is returned with huge smiles, and frequently an invitation to share a cafecito or cold Presidente with them. An evening to a local dance club will have everyone competing for the privilege of teaching you folkloric dances from days of old such as the Merengue , the national catchy favorite, or the Bachata, a regional country dance not unlike American country music.

In case the seemingly endless series of pristine beaches, cave-carved limestone cliffs, jungle waterfalls or ten thousand foot mountains fail to delight your senses, a full range of diverse golf, water and land sports are offered, so you may be as active as you ever envisioned. Or, just experience the gentle tradewinds and peaceful sounds of the ocean while enjoying a book in a hammock, or conversation with friends over a cool drink. Truly an experience to remember forever.

We offer magnificent Caribbean beachfront real estate and villas for sale or rent on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Our Tropical Paradise

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